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At Jane & Co., we understand what an important role color plays in your personal environment. You don’t have to be an expert in fengshui to feel the difference in mood that comes with a beautiful, fresh new coat of paint.

Whether it’s a simple color change in a small bedroom or a complete redux in a 10,000 square foot custom home, Jane & Co. can handle it all from start to finished product in a timely and professional manner.


jane claims...

that when she walks into a space, she usually gets an immediate feel for what the color of the room should be. Then, by discussing the homeowners desired ambiance and assessing all aspects of the space, Jane helps narrow down the color options rather quickly.

When it comes to giving your home a fresh, new look, adding a touch of color can make all the difference. A color consultation will assist you in choosing the best colors for your furniture, floors and lighting so that you can achieve the setting you seek for your space or home.

If you already have an idea in mind and you are just looking for confirmation from an expert on color, a color consultation will give you peace of mind. Whether you are looking for the perfect accent wall to pair with a new Oriental rug, restoring your exterior to look brand new or staging your home to sell, it is important to feel confident in your color choice.

the exterior of your home...

is your guest’s and neighbor’s first impression. Keeping your home’s paint looking fresh will protect the value of your asset. Considering the features of your home and the surrounding houses, Jane and Co. can help you choose colors that work well together or repaint existing colors for a renewed look.


Jane & Co. offers all of your interior painting needs! Whether you are looking to change the look of one room or your whole house,

we’ve got you covered!

From accent walls, trim, doors, full rooms, ceilings and cabinetry, your space will be transformed with the highest quality paint.


Do your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need a face lift? Transform natural wood or stained cabinets to that fresh bright white or perhaps you want to choose a color and paint the island an alternating color or finish. We also do staining and sealing to get the finish that makes your kitchen unique. Jane & Co. can paint and stain custom cabinets as well as those faux wood cabinets that you are just not ready to replace yet. Prepping and skill are key to painting cabinets. Jane & Co. delivers high quality service for this special process and can transform your cabinets with ease. You will love the way they turn out!


textures & finishing

Does the dated texture in your home need to be brought up to par with a smoother, cleaner finish? Do you need to get rid of that popcorn texture on your ceilings?

The change of texture can be just what is needed to sell your home or to make it uniquely yours. It is not always an easy task dealing with texture and popcorn ceilings. We work in one area at a time and work to completion keeping area clean and hauling away that old popcorn ceiling texture leaving you with a much more current and fresh look.

Did your roof have a leak leaving you with a buckled ceiling? Often times mold can be collecting up in the rafters. It’s important to replace that old sheetrock and have a professional match the texture and paint. You won’t even notice where sheetrock was replaced. Matching the paint exactly is essential and sometimes the whole ceiling must be painted to blend the patched area.


wood- working

We also do woodwork as well! Do your baseboards or quarter round need replacing? Have you considered adding crown molding to your home for an upgraded look? Trust our qualified and experienced team to take care of you!


Color Matching

Jane & Co. offers professional color consulting services to help you choose the best colors to fit your furniture, flooring, and lighting. Jane & Co. will not only consider all aspects of your space but will also help facilitate the ambiance you envision for your home.



Exteriors take a beating in the Texas heat and need attention with the right prepping and painting. Protect your investment with exterior maintenance or a completely upgraded look to help keep your home looking new and fresh.


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